Quilt Preparation


These guidelines are given to make it simpler for you and me. I want you to be thrilled with the quilting, so that you will have the most beautiful quilt possible.A service fee may be charged for quilt preparation that has to be done after I receive it. Your quilt will be quilted as received. It will be free of pleats and tucks as the piecing allows.


  • Please square your quilt top
  • Do not pin baste the quilt.
  • Press well, and check for loose seams and extra threads. Please trim loose threads. They can show under light fabrics and also make it more difficult to quilt.
  • Let me know if your front or back has a directional feature. Please label as such if needed by paper or tape pinned to the fabric.
  • If your quilt is pieced to the edge, make sure the seams are stitched to the very edge of the pieces so they do not have to be repaired. You may stitch around the top if you have piecing to the edge.
  • It is very helpful for the borders to be flat so as to avoid having tucks and pleats.
  • Please fold quilt neatly if shipping.


  • Please allow an extra 4-6 inches on all sides of quilt.
  • Trim off any selvages from seams and press seams open.
  • Square your backing and press well.


  • Batting also needs 4-6 inches extra on all sides of quilt.
  • Batting can be purchased from me. I use high quality batting that quilts well and I think you will be very pleased with it. If you choose the alpaca/cotton batting, washing instructions will be mailed with your quilt. They are great instructions and will answer your questions on care.


Higher quality fabrics, threads, and batting may cost more, but they produce an even more beautiful product for all your hard work and time that you put into a quilt. I want you to not only like your quilt, but love it!

Thank you very much for your business, I appreciate it.

Melissa Custer
Suris of the Sangres

Suris of the Sangres
Suris of the Sangres
Melissa Custer
1030 Lake View Rd
Westcliffe,  CO  81252-9796
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