Longarm Quilting Service

Longarm Quilting Services now available at Suris of the Sangres!I use a Millennium Longarm Quilting machine and the Intelliquilter computer system for beautiful stitching every time.


If you have a design in mind let me know about it. I also have design pictures that I can email you to choose from to complement your quilt top.Edge to edge designs are available at this time. Block designs coming soon!


You may purchase my batting or provide your own (subject to approval).


  • Alpaca/Cotton batting for a lightweight warm quilt (50/50)
  • Quilters Dream Blend 70% Cotton 30% Poly
  • Quilters Dream 100% Cotton
  • Quilters Dream 100% Poly


I use high quality thread from Superior Threads.Color is chosen to complement your quilt top. Can email color choices to you.


If you need help with backing material, I can seam your backing for $10.00 per seam.


Quilting is priced by pattern, how densely the quilt is to be quilted and by the size of your quilt. Prices start at 1.5 cents per inch.After choosing a design, you will be able to estimate the quilting cost by multiplying the length x width of the quilt and multiplying by the cents per inch.
Example: For a 60 by 80 inch quilt with a pattern that is 2 cents per inch: 60x80=4,800 4,800 x .02=$96.00


Please complete and print an order form. I need a separate form filled out for each quilt received.You may drop your quilt off at my home by appointment or we can make an appointment to meet in Westcliffe or you may ship your quilt to me.Please read the quilt instruction prep page. This will make more efficient use of time and also aids me to produce the best product for you.


  • I will measure your quilt top, backing, and batting.
  • I will check for loose threads and seams
  • I will email or text you with designs and threads.
  • After a design and thread have been chosen, I will give you a cost for the service and when your quilt will be returned to you.
  • Your quilt will be hung and cared for until it is completed.
  • I can email you a picture while it is being quilted so you can check progress. Also I can put your quilt on Facebook if you don't mind.
  • Final payment is due prior to returning of your quilt. We can arrange pick up or it can be mailed to you by USPS or UPS.

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