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After practicing nursing for 21 years I was ready for a change and I decided to make a change in a big way! I was living in California, but grew up in Kansas and I missed the wide open spaces and I especially missed being around animals. By chance I visited an alpaca ranch and my course was set. One visit was all it took and it was love at first sight!

I spent the next couple of years learning everything I could about this amazing animal and focused on gaining as much knowledge as possible about every aspect of the alpaca business. I decided to specialize in breeding Suri alpacas as they are rarer and I love the way their fleece blows in the wind and glistens in the sunlight.

My alpaca adventure took me to the foothills of the beautiful Sangre De Cristo mountains where I purchased a ranch in Westcliffe, Colorado. It's a lifestyle that suits me and the herd is prospering greatly in this beautiful mountain setting.

Another of my great passions is quilting. I have a history of making quilt tops and recently purchased a longarm quilting machine. This purchase has made it possible to combine my two passions. I am now quilting with fleece batting from the alpacas on the ranch. These beautiful, one-of-a-kind, heirloom-quality quilts will soon be available for purchase online. Longarm quilting services are also available.

I have put down permanent roots and I enjoy watching my herd and business grow and prosper. The quaint, historic, rural town of Westcliffe is well known for its beautiful mountain meadows that blossom with wild flowers in the summer months. The beauty of the area is matched only by the friendliness of it's residents. If you decide to visit this beautiful mountain paradise, stop by and see the herd, browse the store and say hello....I would love to meet you!
Suris of the Sangres
Suris of the Sangres
Melissa Custer
1030 Lake View Rd
Westcliffe,  CO  81252-9796
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